Our Services

We provide the following services for our clients:  Software and Web Development, E-commerce, Mobile Applications, Custom Label E-commerce Platform, Custom Label Printing, Custom Printing using DTG (Direct-to-garment), Dye-Sublimation, Vinyl, and Wide-format printers, Technology Consulting, Hosting and Internet Services. Manufacturing and fulfillment of Apparel, Mugs, Banners, Posters, Photo enlargements, and Labels.

Siphon Solutions, Inc. started as Siphon Systems in November of 2002, based on a client requiring some linux based programming which led to founders Brian Moyle and Paul Salcedo starting a computer consulting business. From there they hosted a web and mail server at friend’s garage in Palo Alto which led to their first customer that needed web development, hosting, and services.

Since then we have been supporting many small to large businesses with any technical needs, from web site development to advising and setting up networks, voip, web hosting, email, and creating software on various platforms for the cloud, web, and mobile technologies.

In the past 3 years Siphon Solutions, Inc. has gained additional experience in the wine industry, where co-founder Paul Salcedo has his roots growing up in the Napa Valley. Siphon Solutions, Inc. has created a custom label platform and printing solution that is a turn-key solution for any winery branded under the Blending Table name.

Siphon Solutions now offers custom printing with (Direct-to-garment), Dye-Sublimation, Vinyl, and Wide-format printers. We have the software and equipment to help businesses and consumers create a variety of custom products.

Brian and Paul are both Silicon Valley veterans and have combined experience of working in the technology and mass customization industry of over 40 years.