Customer Provided Printing Policy

If you’re interested in bringing us your own apparel to print on our DTG or Dye Sublimation printers, below is our policy and information on quotes for apparel.

Although we do our best to not make any mistakes with your job order, we are dealing with a direct-to-garment and dye sublimation printers, so there is always a possibility  that something may go wrong.

When bringing in your own apparel we have a 5% reject policy for orders above the quantity of 20, any order quantity below 20 has a reject % at 1 item.  For example, if the order is a quantity of 10, the reject % allowed would be 1 item.  We typically don’t have rejections, but there are times when this could occur due to unforeseen printer or production issues.

When providing apparel, here is what you’re responsible for along with production specification:

  • The exact quantity of items requested for the order, we do not verify the quantity when it is delivered, we assume you have counted the items prior and have enough to fulfill the order
  • We recommend you supply us with additional garment.  This is at the customer’s discretion, but typically we recommend 1 additional of each style and size
  • If a reject occurs, delivery date will be delayed until the replacement is received
  • We are not responsible to replace any damaged or rejected items when you bring in your own apparel, since we can not guarantee any printer or production issues
  • Digital representation of the shirt image and location may not perfectly match the final shirt colors due to different display types will vary on colors
  • Due to the digital process and various types of shirt material, we are not able to perfectly match Pantone or CMYK values.
  • Printing will be within a 1/2″ of specified placement.

For exact quotes on DTG and Dye Sublimated printing it is required that you supply us with the digital image.  DTG is quoted differently than your traditional screen printing and typically have no setup fees or color limitations.  Below are requirements for us to provide exact quotes.

  • DTG cost is based on the printing area and not on the number of colors like screen printing, so we would need the image dimension printed on the shirt.  Typically there are no minimum quantities, setup fees, or color limitation, unlike screen printing which have these extra fees and are typically limited to 6 colors.
  • Please email us with the design and color shirt you would like printed, you can also upload the image on our quote page at:
  • Our normal printing area is 14″ width by 16″ height for adult sizes and 10″ width by 12″ height for ladies and youth.  Our largest print area is 16” height by 20” width
  • White garment images are fairly flexible, recommend PNG or JPG, RGB, at 125 DPI, sized to your print.
  • Color garments image need to be a minimum of 125 DPI, recommended 300 DPI and a PNG with a transparent background, which is sized to your print
  • Graphic and setup fees may be charge and will be assessed based on how complex the shirt design is

The prices below are estimates based on full color images.  We are able to re-quote as necessary depending on the job specifications and image quality and edits.

For example a full bleed color apparel image at the 12″ x 10″ platen size would be more then the $20 estimate, vice-versa if the image was 10″ wide and only a 5″ height with a transparent background that uses the shirt color as part of the image, the price would be less than $20.

Estimates are per image, for example if you want a 2 sided white shirt with pocket image on front and full image on the back, price would be  $5 + $15 for a total of $20.

Most of the time these prices will be cheaper once the digital image is provided and will quote you with the exact cost.

Print Size White Apparel Color Apparel
16” width x 15” height to 16” width x 20” height  (Large Platen) $20.00


12” width x 11” height to 16” width x 14” height  (Medium Platen) $15.00 $20.00
4” width x 5” height to 12” width x 10” height  (Small Platen) $10.00 $15.00
4” width x 4” height or lower  (Infant, pocket, or sleeve) $5.00 $10.00